R & D Center

· The development of the concept

Company to sustainable development for the purpose, to purify the ecological chain resources as its mission, in the choice of products adhering to the principles of green environmental protection, excellence in the core technology, continuous exploration and the key technology of product and process innovation.

· Research results

After 10 years of study and master the core technology of neotame Baole TM education, the core raw material production technology has been successfully applied for the in Europe, the United States, Japan, Russia and other countries patent protection, and become a newt company, the largest supplier of raw materials.

For the improvement of neotame are particle size distribution and fluidity of products, we of neotame crystallization process and subsequent refinement process of technical improvement and innovation, at present most product size between 80-200 mesh, the product has obvious crystal type, fluidity better, in a room ventilated, dry environment storage 5 years product indexes did not change significantly.

At present, according to the solubility and fluidity of product application, R & D department are looking to develop products. This will expand the application scope of its application areas.





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