Application profile

· Effectiveness:

In the experiment of adding neotame feed, found that: weanling pig diets add 30 mg / kg of neotame whole period average daily production intake (ADFI) was significantly higher than that of the control group (P < 0.05), intake rate greater than 50%, feed ratio is greater than 1. The results show that the addition of 30mg/kg in feed with neotame phagostimulating effect, improve the palatability of Weaned Piglets.

· Recommended dosage:

Through in weanling pig diets supplemented with 10-50mg/kg neotame, 20-30mg/kg of neotame are the average daily gain (ADG and ADFI was the highest (second, P < 0.05); late (23-35 days) 30 mg / kg of neotame group of ADG and 20-30mg/kg neotame ADFI significantly higher than control group (P < 0.05).

In summary, neotame piglets recommended dosage is 20-30mg/kg.

· To pay attention to what matters the sweetener in pig feed?

(1)The dissolution rate, sweeteners, sweet sense of fluidity, the content of effective components, adding amount of.

(2)Effect of feed raw materials using the solution of taste in pig feed, such as the impact of many factors, while using large amount of sweetener use quantity should be increased accordingly.

(3)At different stages for different purpose flexible added sweeteners.

· According to the characteristics of different stages of the selection of pig sweeteners right?

Pigs at different stages of its foraging characteristics are not the same, feeding characteristics and development of the saliva feed speed, feed intake, salivary gland secretion etc.

Before weaning piglets sucking liquid milk, underdeveloped salivary glands, saliva secretion less, when in contact with solid feed, to explore the psychological is particularly evident, to solid feed intake slow, chewed for a long time, and food sweeteners need sweet sense of pure, sweet, with characteristics of breast milk is appropriate; after weaning piglet to solid feed and salivary gland fully mature, saliva secretion tended to be normal, pig feeding speed, the sweetener need outstanding dissolution rate, taste pure, has a sweet taste is obvious. Since then, pig to the sweetness of the dependent decreased gradually, slowly come to accept other taste of feed, feed sweetener function mainly to cover up, at this stage of the sweeteners also need outstanding dissolution rate and taste of pure, so that it is more advantageous to the cover up the smell in feed and stable feed palatability.




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