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Shandong chenchuang 2015 annual summary and commendation meeting held staff
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  In this farewell to the old and ushering in the new, for each employee in 2015 years of hard to pay, and in recognition of emerged in the working process of the advanced workers. Yamato Makoto a 01 February 2016 the successful held "2015 annual summary and employees in recognition of the General Assembly"。



  2016, the opportunities and challenges, dreams and glory. We will be full of confidence, towards the goal, no matter how busy; no matter where I heart, be sure to set aside a year some of the innocence, just give me a chance to start again. Every morning when the sun rises again, will bring us new hope, new opportunities.


  Say goodbye to the 2015, to 2016. The past is again beautiful, even tried to remember, after all can't go back. Now again hard, brave smile, will cross again in the future; far away, as long as you don't stop, it will arrive.



  For the 2016, let the heart more brave, more firmly, want to do adhere to in the end, we want to pursue, to meet the 2016 full of hope!




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