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New measures of health enterprises, the central enterprises to join hands to seek development
Article From:Chenghui ShuangDa Add Time :2016/01/22 PV:

  Recently, central enterprises COFCO leadership and our leadership in Beijing meeting, discuss the prospects for the development of feed neotame, COFCO leadership of our obtained neotame new feed additive certificate and propelled the feed sweetener to a green and healthy development approbation. At the same time, to promote our scientific promotion of neotame, industry standard, stable market price support measures.

  The two sides also discussed the future in the food industry to strengthen cooperation, space and the possibility of joint development, to promote the food industry to a healthy, green, environmental protection and safety development.

  Sweetener neotame as safe, healthy and efficient, represents the sweet industry in the future.

  The central enterprises to join hands to create a better future, we will make more contributions to the cause of human health, the development of green economy!

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